Static QR Codes

The most common form of QR code. They are static because once created, the information contained within that code cannot be changed. A best practice is to make sure the information in the code will remain relevant as long as the piece it’s printed on is in use. Although they’re static, it doesn’t mean they have to be boring. With a little creativity and the right tools, your standard QR code can become a custom designed work of art…and still work.


(Static- Standard)


(Static- Designer)

Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamic codes are unique from static QRs because of their flexibility. The information within the code is linked to an online platform, which allows you to update that information at any point in time, and usually also comes with built-in analytics. You can print a dynamic QR code that directs someone to your website, then a day later change that code to a different website or video without having to reprint any of your materials. This kind of dynamic adaptation represents the best of what interactive print can offer.