The five key things to remember are…

  1. Understand what you’re trying to accomplish.*
  2. Make the call to action really clear, and tell the user what they’ll get.*
  3. Make it easy for the user to figure out how to use the QR code. (“Get your scanner now by going to the App store or”)*
  4. Lead the user to a destination that’s mobile-friendly.*
  5. Make the end result worth the users while


Check out a few examples of QR codes done right!

Brancott Estate’s “World’s Most Curious Bottle” phone app uses your phone to scan the QR code on the winery’s bottles and give you a whole load of information, including food-pairing suggestions and promotions.**

Scandinavian Airlines launched its “Couple Up to Buckle Up” QR code promotion based on the idea that couples often book travel together. To get the couples’ discount code, the two side-by-side QR codes had to be scanned simultaneously on two smartphones.**


Couple Up to Buckle Up from T&J on Vimeo.

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